State and federal law provides employees with numerous protections, and when disputes arise between employees and employers over actions at the workplace, a lawsuit can arise with important financial implications for both sides. The employment law attorneys at De Pierro Radding have 60 years of combined experience in litigating matters on behalf of individuals and businesses, and have the skills to bring your employment law matter – whether it be related to discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, workers’ compensation or some other employment issue – to a positive resolution on your behalf.

Workplace Discrimination

Federal law as well as New Jersey and New York state law outlaw discrimination in employment decisions based on a number of classifications, including race, sex, nationality, country of origin, age and religion. State law provides further protections based on sexual orientation. When a party has been the subject of an adverse employment decision – including termination, failure to hire, demotion, punishment, and so on – based on one of those classifications, a lawsuit may proceed. We represent individuals and businesses in effectively resolving workplace discrimination suits.

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

Sexual harassment can include unwanted sexual advances, off-color and demeaning comments, and hostile work environments, and it is against the law. When an employer is aware of sexual harassment but fails to act, or it is carried out by a supervisor, a sexual harassment suit can often result. Retaliation are acts taken by employers against employees who attempt to take steps to enforce their workplace rights, and it is also prohibited under state and federal law. Our attorneys also work with those bringing and defending against such suits.

Disability / Failure to Accommodate

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related state laws, most employers are prohibited from engaging in certain types of discrimination against those with disabilities and must make accommodations for disabled employees. We represent employees and employers in all types of ADA-related actions.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers who are injured on the job while conducting work-related activities can pursue a workers’ compensation claim against their employer in New York and New Jersey. In a successful workers’ compensation suit, the worker can obtain recovery for the cost of medical bills and lost wages, but in most cases cannot pursue pain and suffering damages. Conflicts often arise in workers’ compensation cases as to whether the employee was engaged in proper work-related activities when the injury was caused and in computing the full extent of compensable damages. Workers’ compensation cases can involve a high amount of damages, especially when there are serious injuries, thus it is important to work with experienced counsel who can best represent your interests.

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