Whether you are an individual seeking justice or you own or operate a business, consumer law claims are often high stakes matters involving significant financial resources and complicated questions of law and fact. At De Pierro Radding, we have the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently represent individuals and businesses in consumer law actions, and are dedicated to achieving the best possible legal outcomes for our clients in settlement or at trial. With a combined 60 years of experience in representing clients in New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere, our attorneys will do whatever it takes to bring your consumer law claim to a favorable resolution.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are the bedrock of our economy, and when one party to a contract fails to follow through on the obligations of the contract, a breach of contract action may be the only way to pursue a fair and just outcome. Our attorneys are seasoned litigators, and have successfully represented individuals and businesses in bringing and defending against breach of contract actions in a wide range of consumer and business contexts.

Consumer Fraud

Whether a consumer has bought a vehicle, a service, or a consumer good, there is the possibility of a consumer fraud action when one party (either the buyer or seller) has made false representations or otherwise acted fraudulently in inducing or completing the transaction. Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in all types of consumer fraud matters, and will fight to win a just outcome in your consumer fraud claim.

Product Liability

When a product causes an injury to a consumer based on a manufacturing defect or design defect, or where there was insufficient warnings regarding the product, then a plaintiff may bring a product liability suit against all sellers and manufacturers of that product for the full range of their financial damages and physical injuries. We represent parties in litigation related to the following types of products:

  • Appliances
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
    Defective drugs and devices

Insurance Claims Disputes

When an insurer denies the claims of a policyholder, litigation can often ensue, with large payouts at stake on either side. Our attorneys work with individuals, businesses, and insurers to reach favorable settlements in insurance claim disputes regarding all types of insurance policies, including health, automotive, business, and homeowner insurance. We are dedicated to resolving insurance claims disputes on behalf of our clients in the most efficient way possible, but have the experience and resources to go to trial if need be in order to win a decisive verdict.

Class Actions

When a large group of plaintiffs has been allegedly injured by a defendant’s actions in similar manners, those plaintiffs may pursue a class action in which one or more plaintiffs represents the interests of all similarly-situated plaintiffs. Class action litigation often involves large financial stakes and complicated procedural hurdles, and our attorneys have the experience to guide individuals and businesses in litigation class actions to successful resolution.

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